Today’s face #1

I figure I should introduce myself quickly rather than jumping straight into a blog post. I’m Olivia and I’m eighteen years old. Nice to meet you. I am three weeks away from moving to London – so, unfortunately, this blog isn’t quite about life with London just yet. It’s more like life waiting for London at the moment! I’ve just got a place at King’s College, London to study English Language, and I’m really excited about it. I’d love for you guys to stick around and follow me on my journey there.

Today, though, I’m going to say goodbye to some of my closest friends. I’m going on a triple date with my two best friends and all of our boyfriends, which will be really lovely. We’re heading to Nando’s for some spicy chicken and a good catch up, and to finally introduce our three boyfriends to each other. Unfortunately, it’s quite likely to be the last time I get to see them all before I move. We’re all so busy we have trouble finding a time when we’re all free! I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow. But without further ado, here is my face for today.FACE1-2

The products I used were:

  1. Benefit boing concealer, shade 02
  2. Benefit PORE professional
  3. SUN SENSE daily face invisible tint finish moisturiser
  4. No. 7 beautiful eyebrow pencil in brown
  5. E.L.F eye primer and liner sealer
  6. E.L.F duo eyeshadow cream in mocha swirl
  7. E.L.F eyeliner and shadow stick in brown
  8. EMITE eyelash curler
  9. Jelly Pong Pong fairy lashes mascara
  10. E.L.F lipstick in fiery fuchsia
  11. Pout Paint lip stain in rosette
  12. E.L.F mineral blush in coral

Now, I really love all of these products. But I’d definitely recommend Pout Paint – I just love how bright it is! I love having bright lips, and Pout Paint will last for ages. It’s very highly pigmented, meaning that you only need a little of it to achieve good results. And, at £4.99, it’s pretty cheap for such a good product. I really love that you can mix it with other colours of Pout Paint and any other lipstick you want to spice up a little. I mixed mine with E.L.F’s lipstick in fiery fuchsia. It might be called fuchsia, but it’s not really a bright pink. I didn’t want the complete pop of the Pout Paint today, so I mixed this neutral pink with it.

What’s your favourite thing to do with your lipsticks?


The beginning of an era, and the end of another.

Today was my last shift ever at House of Cards, the card and gift shop I have worked at since I was fifteen years old. I feel like I’m leaving a second family behind me – all these years have given us plenty of time to bond and build some wonderful memories. Alas, it is time for me to move on – I can’t be tidying cards forever!

In just under four short weeks I will be moving to the bustling city that is London. It is home to thousands of people and stories, and I will be joining them. It’s truly a dream come true to be studying in a city that is so full of culture and life, and I’m delighted to be joining King’s College. I’ll be studying English Language and Communication at one of the best universities in the world, in one of the best cities in the world. What more can I ask for?

So, naturally, I’ve been stocking up on all of the necessities and luxuries I want to take with me, and my makeup collection got a lovely addition this week. I ordered a makeup bundle from Eye Lips Face for £28 (including postage) and got a selection of makeup worth over £100 – a total bargain, if you ask me! The bundle contained 30 different products which were mainly eyeshadows of different types – some were glitter, some were baked and some were mineral. I’m planning on testing out the products I got over the week and posting some reviews. But I tried out some of their gorgeous body shimmers today.

I received all four colours theelfy offer in my little package. The body shimmer seems like a strange thing to an amateur like myself – it almost looks like coloured solid deodorant – except it doesn’t go on your armpits. It doesn’t smell, either. It is literally a solid block of colour that you can carefully apply to your face. In fact, it could also work as an eyeshadow or lip colour if you used a brush with it. I used it as a blush by wiping a little onto my face and then blending it with my fingers. I adore the cosmic coral colour – it creates a gorgeous, subtle pink that lasts for hours. I’d definitely say that a little goes a long way, though. It’d be pretty easy to go overboard and start looking a little more like a clown than you expected.

The blazing bronze colour is definitely darker than it looks on the website. I’d say it’d be really good with darker skin tones that are complimented by a dark, rich bronzer. I have pretty fair skin, though, so I’ll be using it sparingly. If lightly applied and properly blended, it provides a deep summer glow. I’m not sure I’ll be using it as a lipstick, but it’ll be a perfect eyeshadow and bronzer. The golden glow colour has a similar effects, but it is lighter and golden rather than brown. It’s a little more subtle, but it’s also more sparkly – so perhaps suitable for a night out where have a sparkly face won’t look out of place. The bronze is also shimmery, but more subtly so.bodyshimmers

Finally, there’s mystic moonlight. This is a really, really light colour when it’s put on your skin. I wouldn’t recommend it for those with darker skins as it might make you look a little pasty if it’s too heavily applied. But it works perfectly as a highlighter or an eyeshadow. Again, I wouldn’t try it as a lipstick, but I tend to stray away from lighter lipsticks anyway. It’s nice and shimmery and will be perfect for highlighting the areas you want to draw attention to, and downplaying those you don’t.

All in all, I would say that my favourite colour is the cosmic coral. It’s pretty and will be suitable all year round, and you can use it in a variety of ways. I’ll be incorporating all four colours into my makeup repertoire, though. All four are only £3.75 at E.L.F, and, at that price, are an absolute bargain. A little goes a long way with these things so the 9.9g you’re buying are sure to last a while. I’d definitely recommend investing your money in them! And, if you’re interested in the bundle I got, you can find it here. There’s only 1000 of them available though, so get it quickly!

What’s your favourite beauty bargain?